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Woman Pushes Famous Brazilian Priest Off Stage… Why is His Crowd So Big?

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Woman pushes famous Brazilian priest Marcelo Rossi off stage…is his crowd bigger than a @champagnepapi concert? #priest #church #marcelorossi #brazil #mass #brazilchurch #catholic #religion #wtf #wow #publicfreakout

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So this video was released today. And it’s pretty crazy. It’s from a mass in Brazil on Sunday July 14th 2019, yesterday. And it shows a woman run onto stage and push the priest off in front of a crowd of maybe 20,000 people.

They’re saying the lady might have a mental illness but they’re not sure yet. There’s a lot of news on this subject but it’s mainly in Portuguese so it hasn’t been written about much in English. They don’t know why the lady attacked the priest just yet.

people always have their reasons for doing things so that’s not my concern here. My concern is, why was she able to get onstage so easily when you have that big of a crowd. 

And secondly, why is there such a big crowd? I mean that crowd could rival a Justin Bieber concert or Drake concert. When that camera pans out over the crowd, it’s endless.

Is this what every Sunday mass in Brazil is like – minus the pushing part?

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