Was That The Last We've Seen of Kevin Durant As A Golden State Warrior?

Kevin Durant left game 5 of the NBA finals with a right calf injury.

Kevin durant game 5 nba finals injury

Kevin Durant just left game 5 of the 2019 NBA FInals in the 2nd quarter against the Toronto Raptors with a calf injury and I think it may be the last we’ve seen of him as a Golden State Warrior. It was reported that merely seconds after he left the floor he was accompanied in the locker room with his agent. His agent!? What is his agent doing in the locker room with him seconds after he left the floor of the NBA finals with what could be a season-ending injury?

32 days after first injuring his right calf on May 8th in a game 5 playoff against the Houston Rockets and after scoring 11 points in 12 minutes and bringing life back to the Golden State Warriors and striking fear into the players and fans of the Toronto Raptors, Kevin Durant planted his foot and instantly knew that something was wrong.

Needless to say, Kevin Durant has a tough decision ahead of him and he’s clearly not making the decision himself. 

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