Spirit Airlines Is Calling Themselves a ‘High-Value Provider’ and I Literally LOL’ed ๐Ÿ˜‚

Iโ€™ve flown Spirit Airlines before; believe me, it is now a high-value provider.

Spirit Airlines

According to CFO, Scott Haralson, the company has evolved from a low-cost carrier to a high-value provider โ€“ and the finance team has evolved with it. (Forbes)

Let’s be honest with ourselves, folks. By no definition or standard is Spirit Airlines a high-value provider, whatever that even means. Like Virgin Atlantic or something? Is that what they’re trying to compare themselves to?

Why not try to make the leap from a low-cost carrier to a normal, acceptable airline that people actually trust and like? Are they trying to skip this step completely? As if saying, we don’t want to be compared to a United or American Airlines, compare us to Emirates or a Qatar Airways.

I recognize the game plan. They want to be taken seriously and they’re going to raise prices and hopefully improve things. And I respect it completely but it’s a bit too comical to be taken seriously right now. It feels a bit too much like clout chasing. It’s like when a new rapper declares themselves the greatest rapper alive, which happens WAY too much.

Europe Budget Airlines

I’ve been on a lot of budget airlines in Europe and I have to honestly say that all those experiences were significantly better than my one and only Spirit Airlines experience. I flew Spirit Airlines once from Boston (BOS) to San Francisco (SFO) and it was the closest I’ve ever come to puking on a flight. Yes, I have motion sickness but I’ve never actually puked on a flight before. It was the rockiest and bumpiest landing I’ve ever experienced.

Aside from that, their ‘hidden fees’ are enough to make anyone angry. They don’t offer e-tickets so you can scan your mobile phone; instead, you have to print out the ticket. Print? Don’t even get me started on how terrible printers still are in 2019. Anyway, if you don’t have a printer and you show up at the airport with your printed ticket, the fee is $10. $10 to print my ticket!?

They don’t offer the typical complimentary carryon bag and handheld bag that you’re accustomed to.

“Oh, you want to bring luggage with you? We don’t expect our guest to always have luggage with them. That’ll be an extra $45 to store your luggage in these empty compartments here.”

Nothing but a publicity campaign to raise prices.

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