Would You Rather Have A Terrible Boss or a Terrible Roommate?

Ok, age-old question here. is it worse having a terrible roommate who you absolutely can’t stand or having to take orders from someone you completely despise? On the surface of things, it seems like a no-brainer; I’ll take a horrible roommate and I’ll stay out of their way as much as possible, right? Nope, this isn’t just a typical “oh my roommate is so messy” kind of terrible roommate. This roommate always finds a way to be in your business. It seems like every little thing they do is to piss you off. They never bring your mail inside, they block the driveway so you can’t park your car, they leave the bathroom a mess, they play loud music when you sleep, they steal your food, and what’s worst is you don’t even know what they do when you leave. Oh, ya and you’re stuck with this person for the next year.

So having a c u next Tuesday for a boss is definitely better because you can just quit right? But what if it’s a startup and you’re set to get a boatload of shares and become a millionaire if you survive two more years? And this isn’t just a typical passive-aggressive boss, though they are also you’re typical passive-aggressive boss, they take a step further. Not only angling your computer screen so they can always see what you’re doing and putting cameras in the room, but what if you also have to put your phone in a lock-proof bag so you can’t use it during the day? And that’s just the beginning – the only thing you know for certain is that every day is going to be worse than the last and you need to survive two more years.

  • Would You Rather Have A Terrible Boss or a Terrible Roommate?

    • Terrible Boss
    • Terrible Roommate

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