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Is anyone really banning Tekashi 6ix 9ine’s music solely because he snitched?

So Tekashi snitched. The word is out, everybody knows. But did he really snitch?

Did Tekashi Really Snitch?

I mean is it considered snitching if the person you’re snitching on is trying to kill you. Doesn’t that just make you smart? Like it’s all part of the game. Just another way of getting your enemy off the streets.

How TV shows depict it

At least that’s how they make it seem in The Wire. Omar snitches on everybody. Stringer snitches on Avon. Bodie almost snitches right before he gets got – as a result of.

It’s certainly no different in the Netflix original series El Chapo, which depicts El Chapo as working with the Mexican government and willfully giving them information when necessary.

Should Tekashi have snitched?

Let’s take a look at the facts.

Tekashi was an internet sensation. Not a rapper or a gangster. An influencer, as you would call it nowadays.

He joined a gang, or kind of just hung around the Gang, for street cred. He wasn’t officially part of that gang and when he became famous off his music, they made more money than him.

The gang is more like an agency

So, let’s look at the gang as an agency that you work with along the way. If you’re a startup, as any entrepreneur is, you work with different people and agencies along the way. And that’s what Tekashi did.

Then, as Tekashi became successful, the agency stole money from him. When he found out and fired the agency. They tried to kill him.

The only difference is, working with this agency is illegal. So now you’re on trial facing 50 years in prison unless you give up information about the agency that stole your money and tried to kill you.

What would you do?Β 

As a famous, rich, young celebrity. What is the right decision to make here? Spend 50 years in prison for a gang that stole your money and try to kill you? Or get out and be a celebrity again?

I already know how Snoop Dogg feels, but how do you feel?

  • Is anyone really banning Tekashi 6ix 9ine’s music solely because he snitched?

    • Snitches get stitches
    • It ain’t snitchin’ if they tryna kill you

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