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How Much Cocaine does J.P. Morgan Move and for How Long Have They Been the Kings of Cocaine?

“In one of the largest drug busts in U.S. history, federal authorities in Philadelphia seized nearly 20 tons of cocaine—worth about $1 billion— last month from a ship owned by JP Morgan’s asset management arm.” (Forbes)

I love seeing s*** like this. So all this mess is going down about the wall. All these drugs flowing in through the wall. All this talk about El Chapo. All this talk about him being the biggest drug dealer in the world. And now this.

JP Morgan connected to one of the largest drug bust in US history! The largest! More than 1 billion dollars worth of cocaine on that ship.

We all know this is going to all blow over soon. Maybe one or two people step down from JP Morgan. But they will take no blame for this whatsoever. They will pay some fines if need be, but that will be it. We see people go to jail for dimebag’s and nickels but that won’t happen here.

I just can’t wait for the full story to break. So I can watch the documentary on Netflix. That be awesome. To see that JP Morgan has been the kings of cocaine since the 80’s. I’d love it.

And why are we just hearing about it now? One month after it happened? If that was El Chapo’s ship, we would have heard about it the same day.

Who tried to keep this quiet?

who’s going to take the blame for this?

How hard are they going to look into JP Morgan after this?

Are we going to see JP Morgan law being in paying tons of fines?

I’ve got so many questions.

But I also have some questions for you…

  • How much cocaine does JP Morgan move?

    • They the kingpins. No doubt.
    • None! Stupid question 😡
  • How long has JP Morgan been moving cocaine?

    • They invented the game, son.
    • Never! 😡

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