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A Bengal Tiger Was Found Lying On a Bed Inside a Home. What Do You Do?

A Bengal tiger was found lying on a bed inside a house as it sheltered from flooding at nearby Kaziranga National Park during a monsoon in Assam, India, 18 July 2019. ( India Wildlife Trust )

A tiger, bro?

I’ve been scared when my cat’s tail accidentally brushes up against my leg unknowingly. Could you imagine walking into a house and a Tiger is chilling on your bed?

I don’t care how deadly these monsoons are. I don’t care how crazy the rains are. How crazy the wind is. I’m 100% taking my chances against Mother Nature and not against that tiger.

I mean look at the photo, bro. That tiger is relaxing. He looks comfortable. He’s happy to be out of the rain. He loves that he has his own bed. I’m definitely not going in there and disturbing his peace.

What are you doing, though?

  • A Bengal Tiger Was Found Lying On a Bed Inside a Home. What Do You Do?

    • It’s his home now. I’m gone.
    • Wait outside until it leaves
    • Try to scare it away
    • Lay down next to it and snuggle

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Written by Derek

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