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Shameful things are happening at Poland Pride Day in Bialystok

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Shameful things are happening in Poland. Today there was a Pride Parade in the city of Bialystok, Poland. The whole parade was secured by hundreds of police but it wasn't enough to stop the thugs from harassing and beating the attendees. (Via Reddit u/jessicasc2) #poland #bialystok #prideday #lgbtq #lgbtq🌈 #pridepoland #pridemonth #pridemarch #pridemonth2019 #pride #warsaw #easterneurope #easternpoland

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The first-ever LGBTQ pride day took place in Bialystok, Poland the other day and it was completely disrupted by thugs and protesters. No amount of police could contain them. They were acting like complete animals. They were harassing the attendees. They were attacking them on the streets. They ganged up on them by the dozens. 

This is completely and utterly shameful. This is disgusting behavior. And all of Europe should be ashamed of it.

Even the police were shocked by their behavior. They were not expecting this. There have been other LGBTQ pride marches in Poland and they have not been disrupted like this.

This is just one of the many videos showing how they were harassing the attendees. As police sat back and watched.

This is a bad look for Poland. And it’s not the first one.

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