Norwegian Air Cheap Flights + Skyscanner = Cheap Flights to Europe

Norwegian Air cheap flights and Skyscanner is your recipe to saving hundreds on your next flight.

Norwegian Air

The combination of Norwegian Air cheap flights and Skyscanner is a bit of a little known secret in the United States. Though it shouldn’t be because it’s your chance to save hundreds of dollars on international flights.

I’m not going to lie, I didn’t know about Norwegian Air until I flew it from Los Angeles to Paris just a few months ago. It was an extremely cheap flight that I found on Skyscanner and I was surprised to be on an airline I’d never heard of before for so cheap. The whole roundtrip flight from Los Angeles to Vienna and back was only $320 USD. The Norwegian flight was from Los Angeles to Paris and then I flew Austrian Airlines from Paris to Vienna. I talked about saving money by booking layovers in cities that you love on my layover love blog post.

I’ve flown on a good amount of Europe’s budget airlines and I’ve never had problems, nothing like the nightmares of Spirit Airlines. Not only have I not had any problems, but they’ve actually been very enjoyable. And my first Norwegian Air cheap flight was no exception. For some reason, I had just never come across Norwegian Air on my first Europe backpacking trip. I’d flown with Ryanair, Easy Jet, Aer Lingus, WOW Air (when they still existed), and more. It wasn’t until I traveled around more that I realized how great Norwegian Air cheap flights really are.

Norwegian Air

If you’re flying across the pond then you know that you’re in for a long ride and you want to be comfortable for that long ride. Everything about Norwegian Air makes it a comfortable journey. From the quick and easy check-in to the comfortable seating and good food. I enjoyed it every step of the way. My seat had a TV in the headrest directly in front of with a USB port that actually worked. They also provide you with a blanket because we all know that it’s freezing cold on airplanes. I watched three movies before passing out for the remaining six hours of the flight.

Booking with Skyscanner

My next flight, next week, is from Boston to Vienna with a 12-hour stop in Rome. I’m flying with Norwegian Air and Eurowings. Skyscanner is so great because not only does it find the cheapest flights for you, but it allows for so much flexibility. As long as you’re flexible then you’ll be able to find cheap international flights using Skyscanner.

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