Mexico City Tours and Tourist Attractions

The must-see and do Mexico City tours and attractions

Our list of Mexico City tours and tourist attractions is exactly what it sounds like. The hard work has been done for you. 

Unlike my list of Central America tours, you’ll won’t see as much crazy party stuff on this list. That’s not because you can’t find that in Mexico, but it’s not so much in Mexico City.

If you’re not interested in cathedrals and museums then I advise you to skip that stuff and it will most likely get downvoted any way, but I included it in case you want to do it. 

#1 Teotihuacan

Teotihuacan is one of the most popular tourist attractions for backpackers. Teotihuacan is known as the City of Gods. And it was once the sixth-largest city in the world.

The two largest pyramids are the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon. The Pyramid of the Sun is over 300 feet (90 meters) high and has more than 300 steps.

It truly is an impressive archaeological site and I recommend to anyone visiting Mexico City to visit Teotihuacan.

I spent a whole day here and I had a complete blast. I met some friends at DF Suites Hostel and we headed out to Teotihuacan in the morning and didn't get back until late afternoon.

There's a lot of steps involved in a lot of walking so make sure you bring water in walking shoes. It was hot as hell the day that we went and I don't think it will be much different when you go so make sure you're prepared. Depending on how many pyramids you decide to walk up, you might be walking thousands and thousands of steps that day. And since you're only going to be there one day, why not go up all of them?

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#2 Z贸calo: The Birthplace of the Constitution

Z贸calo is the city center of Mexico City and it's hard to miss if you're in Mexico City. The Mexican flag in the middle is one of the biggest flags I've seen in my life. It's one of the largest public plazas in the world and is one of Mexico's most famous tourist destinations.

Z贸calo has a little bit of everything. It's common for your tour to start here. You may do a walking tour around the center. Sometimes there will be protests going on in the center. Other times they might be Aztec dancers in traditional garments and headpieces or other cultural celebrations.

The center is beautiful and it's huge. There are a lot of people there but it's not quite packed. It's a great place to explore Mexico's historical buildings and appreciate it's architecture.

There's good food in the area and you can always find some street vendors in the square.

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#3 Frida Kahlo Museum in La Casa Azul

The lifelong home of Frida Kahlo has been turned into a museum and tickets start at around $30.

This museum is meant for you to get a sense of how Frida Kahlo lived. It is more intimate than a regular museum as we know it. It is designed for you to walk through the rooms of her home and feel as she felt. To understand how she lived.

The museum has many different exhibitions from Frida's closet and dresses to her kitchen and bedroom. It is touching to feel her pain and see how she lived in this small but beautiful home. Most of work isn't here, it's in other museums, but there some pieces of artwork from her here as well.

This place gets really crowded so it's best to get the before 9 am if possible. It takes about 1 - 2 hours to buy a ticket.

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#4 The Palace of Fine Arts (Palacio de Bellas Artes)

The Palace of Fine Arts (Palacio de Bellas Artes) is Mexico City's top performance hall and art museum. The palace offers tons of different shows and I recommend going to see one. There are great ballet shows offered at extremely affordable prices. You can look at the schedule and read the reviews and decide which one you want to go to. Some people dress up to the shows but it is also acceptable to dress casual.

This beautiful white marble building is a great starting point if you're looking to walk around the city.

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#5 Chapultepec Park (Bosque de Chapultepec)

Chapultepec Park (Bosque de Chapultepec) offers a wonderful view of Mexico City. This beautiful park is a great place to enjoy sunset or sunrise, depending on your preference.

The 1600 acre park in the middle of the city is even bigger than Central Park. There are tons of activities that will last you for days. The park is free to walk around but some of the activities inside cost money. Though the zoo is completely free.

The park is usually pretty empty in the mornings and you can sit by a lake and do some bird watching and have your peace and quiet. He gets a lot harder and more crowded in the afternoons.

There are many tours that are offered on bicycle or Segway or even walking tours through the park.

Sit in the park, smell the flowers, and just listen to nature. It's an escape from the hectic city life of Mexico City. It's a calming retreat.

Stroll through the park with a friend and get some exercise.

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#6 Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral

One of the largest churches in Latin America, this famous cathedral dominates the Z贸calo. The Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral is one of the most impressive architectural structures I've ever seen. It is comparable to the Duomo in Milan or St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna. If you're an admirer of architecture then this is a must-see for you.
It's hard to imagine how many man-hours went into creating a masterpiece such as this. Inside there are numerous beautiful sculptures and paintings.
Outside the cathedral, there are usually musicians and dancers and performers entertaining you as you walk by.

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#7 National Palace (Palacio Nacional)

Palacio Nacional is a great and free attraction where you can see all the amazing artwork by Diego Rivera.His artwork is arranged in chronological order from Quetzalcoatl to the revolutionary period. the murals depict the history of Mexico and Mexico City specifically. The mirrors are very dense and intricate.

Palacio Nacional is located at the center of Mexico City, known as Z贸calo.

This is a working government building that the president currently resides in. There are many different tours available for the National Palace.

This historic building was once occupied by Hern谩n Cort茅s, the Spanish explorer who conquered the Aztecs

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#8 Tepito (Dangerous Black Market)

I have to put a warning disclaimer that I don't recommend going to Tepito without a local who has been there before. Mexico City can be very dangerous if you're in the wrong neighborhoods and it's no surprise that a black market in Mexico City might be one of those dangerous places. People have been frequently robbed and stabbed here, especially foreigners who don't speak the language.

Don't bring expensive things with you if you're visiting Tepito. Can there with no valuables and go with a local who knows the place.

With that out of the way, Tepito is one of the largest black markets in the world and you can buy just about anything.

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