Utila, Honduras (3/7)

The second cheapest island in the world to receive your PADI Scuba Diving Certification, behind Koh Tao, Thailand, so it’s no surprise that backpackers embark on the long, arduous, and sometimes dangerous journey to this beautiful oasis.

The most important thing in Utila is choosing what dive center you want to stay at; there is hardly any accommodation on this island that isn’t a dive center so even if you’re not diving, you’ll have to choose where to stay – plus dive centers are where all the backpackers stay.

If you’re diving then you want to ask around and find a place that suits your price and wants – most prices are pretty even since competition is so abundant but you can get discounts for groups at certain dive centers and some have different equipment and better or worse housing. I chose Underwater Vision Dive Center because they had the best terms, in my opinion, and it was where a few of my friends were staying – this is probably the most social dive center.

Utila is only about 7 miles in circumference and it’s a beautiful island to run around, which I did a few times. The nightlife is a lot of small bars but there are also a few clubs on the beach that backpackers frequent on the weekends.

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