Secret Empty Pool Rave Party (Antigua, Guatemala) (8/14)

Party shirts assemble!

This picture was taken at the Doozy Koala pregame party and it’s the first time an Irish girl schooled me on what the phrase “strategic puke” means. I’ve done a couple of strategic pukes in my day but I’ve never referred to it like that until that day.

Most of the people in this picture are backpackers who I met back in Caye Caulker – a few from Dirty McNasty’s specifically – and traveled with from there on so we had a great group going into the rave party.

The rave party doesn’t really start until 1 a.m. so it’s definitely not a day-trip sort of event, but if you attend the pregame at Doozy Koala at just the right time and stay until midnight and then go straight to the rave party, you’re in for one hell of a time. I don’t recommend walking the streets of Antigua, Guatemala alone after dark so that’s another reason why it’s good to go with a group.

Anyway, I’m not sure who arranged transport of any of that but we got picked up somewhere in the middle of the street and packed about 20 people into the back of a flatbed truck. The drive was probably about 20 minutes but it felt like an eternity being squished in between half a dozen people on a bumpy road already wondering if I’m going to puke and the party hadn’t even started.

When we arrived I remember it was pretty official; I don’t think there was a metal detector but there were definitely security guards checking your pockets and patting you down before you got inside the fence – not saying much though considering there are armed security guards with shotguns guarding Little Caesar’s Pizza. Once you get inside the fence, you see an empty, Olympic-size swimming pool with a DJ booth in the deep-end and a bar in the shallow end. It’s all outdoors and the pool is quickly filling up with people. Let the rave begin.

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