Cerro Negro Volcano Boarding (Le贸n, Nicaragua) (2/14)

As hard as it is to suit up in full protective gear when it’s already 100 degrees and humid out, it’s well worth it for the once-in-a-lifetime chance to go volcano boarding down Cerro Negro.

Being the youngest and most active volcano in Central America, volcano boarding Cerro Negro isn’t exactly the safest thing to do – but it might be one of the coolest! With its last eruption, albeit a small one, coming in 1999, rumor has it that’s it’s long overdue for a full-blown lava-flowing tantrum-throwing breakdown. 馃寢

Bigfoot Hostel and Volcano Boarding is one of the only tour companies that clocks your speed so that you figure out how fast you went – they even tally in on a scoreboard for the whole hostel to judge, so don’t puss out.

Quetzaltrekkers Le贸n is the only not-for-profit trekking company in Le贸n and not only do they donate their money back to the community, but they’re also the only company that allows you to go down twice! 鉁岋笍

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