Frida Kahlo Museum in La Casa Azul (3/9)

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The lifelong home of Frida Kahlo has been turned into a museum and tickets start at around $30.

This museum is meant for you to get a sense of how Frida Kahlo lived. It is more intimate than a regular museum as we know it. It is designed for you to walk through the rooms of her home and feel as she felt. To understand how she lived.

The museum has many different exhibitions from Frida’s closet and dresses to her kitchen and bedroom. It is touching to feel her pain and see how she lived in this small but beautiful home. Most of work isn’t here, it’s in other museums, but there some pieces of artwork from her here as well.

This place gets really crowded so it’s best to get the before 9 am if possible. It takes about 1 – 2 hours to buy a ticket.

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