Bocas del Toro, Panama (1/7)

Bocas del Toro, Panama may be my personal favorite island of all-time. An island where you take boats a.k.a water taxis to attend parties and buy delicious empanadas for only $0.70 on the corner. Home of beautiful surfing spots, tons of fun-loving tourists, and wild island parties on the many neighboring islands. One strange thing about Bocas is that you can’t walk through the streets without a shirt on, even though it’s an island. I think it’s related to gang tattoos so just a warning if a cop sees you he will ask you to put a shirt on. Bocas has a few hostels and I had a great experience staying at Selina – they have another hostel on the island across from Bocas called Selina Red Frog.

Bocas has a great nightlife scene and beautiful waterfront clubs and bars all along the coastline. Check out the Bookstore Bar for a drink or two if you’re looking for something strange and out of the ordinary, but some of my favorites are Aqua Lounge, Blue Coconut, and La Buga.

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