Has Your Cat Always Wanted to Ink Its Whole Body? Now It Can.

Has you cat been meowing lately for reasons unknown to you? Well, maybe she’s asking you to ink her whole body idgamf – ever thought about that, well now you can do it for less than $30.

Etsy shop SimplySphynx sells cat sweaters and sleeves with tattoo designs for less than $30 and they’ve been spreading like wild fire! The best thing about these sleeves – other than the fact that they look so real – is that they have a top that goes over the cats head so that it is almost a full-body outfit. 

Of course, these aren’t real tattoos, but the designs are really accurate and they make your cat look super cute!

All of the cats featured in the images are Sphynx cats but I’d love to see how this looks on a really furry cat. 

Is this something you would buy for your cat and do you think they would like it? Leave your answers in the comments section below.

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Written by Jack

Jack is a lover of all things but nothing more than furry friends. He grew up in a household with more animals than humans - if you don't count him and his siblings as animals, but I certainly do. Jack is a former journalist who has interviewed dozens of celebrities - according to him - been chased by a pack of wild dogs - again, according to him - and even slept with wolves - according to a neighbor who lives in the woods.

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