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Daily Life as a Repair Tech. Is Your Job Like This Sometimes?

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Daily life as a repair tech. (Via Reddit u/famili254) #funnyvideoclips #funnyvideos #amusing #lol #amusl #wow #repairtech #lmao #haha #wtf #toofunny #toofunnynottopost

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This video from a Reddit user who works as a repair tech shows what working as a repair tech is like. 

And it’s kind of like teaching your mom how to use the computer. But that’s kind of how all customer service jobs are, aren’t they? I mean the customer is always right, right? So you always have to put up with their s*** no matter what.

Patience is a virtue. It seems like no matter what, whenever you’re dealing with people in a customer facing role, you’re always in for some s***.

Does that make us dumb? Because I know I’ve done stuff like that too. I sure as hell wouldn’t send it back like that though. But I might do something just as dumb in a different situation. So who’s at fault here?

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