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We’re looking for freelance writers who have fun, intelligent, and novel ideas for engaging pop culture posts. We’d love to hear about your personal experiences, especially if you can share detailed travel tips, memories, and advice.

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What are We Looking for in a Pitch?

We’re looking for evergreen articles, at least 700-1200 words.

Read other Amusl posts. Get a feel for the tone of our site. We’re funny, relaxed and excited about celebrities, traveling, and all things pop culture. Make sure we haven’t already covered the topic you’re pitching. Use our site search bar to check if it’s a topic that we’re missing and should have more content on.

Most importantly, write on what you’re an expert in and what you’re most passionate about. We value quality over anything and we want you to write posts that you enjoy writing. If it’s not a topic we currently have on the website but you feel should be added, pitch us the idea and we’ll gladfully listen to you.

Focus on being funny and resourceful. How will your post educate readers on the subject they’re reading about? We like practical, actionable advice that our readers can use in their own lives and may even refer to a friend because it was so useful to them. Share detailed instructions to help someone else follow in your footsteps – write it so that a first-timer can put it into practice, and interview others who have knowledgeable advice to share with our readers.


We will discuss payment upon acceptance of your pitch. Alternately, we can offer a link to your website in your bio. NOTE: Personal affiliate links are not allowed.

Unless we specifically tell you that your pitch is accepted and that you can start writing on a topic, no payment is given.

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