21 Amazon Travel Products That Have Literally Saved Lives

Lifesaving Amazon travel products that you need to consider buying.

Amazon travel products

Amazon travel products? It’s no surprise that Amazon is the go-to place for travel products. When you’re frantically running around because you only have two days before your flight and you don’t have everything. You go on Amazon and you order it. 

But it’s so much to remember. I mean who can remember all that stuff? The phone charges, the sunglasses, the tickets oh, it’s so much. 

So we’re just going to tell you. These are the things you want. These are the life-saving travel products that you can buy on Amazon today.

Are these affiliate links? Psst. Of course, they are. Smarten up.

1. 144 Condoms. Just enough to last you through your travels. Always wrap it up!

Amazon travel condoms

Condoms. Number one. Have you ever traveled without condoms? Not a smart thing to do. And they even sell them on Amazon. Who could have guessed that? This one’s more about how many lives it’s prevented, which in turn, saves lives.

Don’t believe us? Read a review: “As a numbers guy, I always like to make sure I get the most bang for my buck. This condom definitely provides that. At $0.10 for a bang, you’re getting 10 bangs for 1 buck! Hot damn! All kidding aside, this product works, does not contaminate your penis, and actually smells pretty good (not one of my requirements for condoms).” – Jason L.

Price: $17.09

2. 60 Foam Earplugs so you can block out the sound of your hostel mate snoring & your other hostel mates having sex…but only if you want to ๐Ÿ˜

Earplugs? Have you ever slept in a party hostel without them? (If you drank or took drugs that night that doesn’t count.) Have you ever tried to sleep in a hostel bed, sober? Have you ever had a hostel mate who starts fighting demons in the middle of the night? Because I have. And these things. These things? These are lifesavers.

Don’t believe us? Read a review from a French Bulldog mommy: “Finally, earplugs that can block the loudest of all snorers: The cuddly BUT loud sleeping French Bulldogs. Maddie snored all night next to me in bed, but I slept right through. Comfortable and efficient. These are the only plugs you need, and when you need them, you’ll be glad you have them.” – French Bulldog Owner

Price: $8.99

3. A money, money, money, mooooonneeeeeeeey belt

Don’t travel without a money belt. Put your phone in it. Put your wallet in it. Definitely put your passport in it. What would you do without it? What happens if you lose your backpack? That’s why you have a money belt. Keep your most precious valuables in there.

Don’t believe us? Read a review: “I purchased this item for my husband and I for an international trip into known high crime & pickpocket areas. The belt was very comfortable, easily held our passports, credit cards & money. ” – Lisa M.

Price: $15.99

4. An absolute unit of a TSA-approved brass lock for your belongings

You get a brass lock to lock shit down. So don’t get one of those small wire locks that a fat person can bite through if they’re hungry enough. Get you a lock that can actually keep your shit safe. This is an absolute unit of a lock. This shit is thicccc, bro.

Don’t believe us? Read a review: “Traveling with multiple suitcases, very useful that all keys fit the same lock.” – Virgina L.

Price: $9.76

5. Convenience travel kit for men and women with 20 travel-size essentials

This convenience kit has everything that you need for your travels. With 20 travel-sized essentials, you’re covered for just about everything. Don’t worry about having to find the nearest pharmacy when you’re traveling.

Don’t believe us? Read a review from a girl who wants to steal her boyfriend’s: “I got this for my boyfriend and he was soooooo happy. It has great products, he was super happy about the nail clippers and the bag is very spacious he could fit even fit a few of his other items in. The bag itself is a great material I might steal it ;)” – Emily D.

Price: $16.23

6. A portable “EpiPen Inside” Button that notifies people where your EpiPen is

This EpiPen button is the quickest lifesaver on the list. Granted, the condoms are still number one in my book because it has that lasting effect 20 years down the road knowing those condoms saved your life. This is more life or death situation. If you’re allergic and prone to severe allergic reactions then I’m sure you already know about this button. And hopefully, you have one on your bag or shirt or somewhere visible. But it’s also helpful for other travelers who don’t know about this. It’s a great thing to know about if your friend or a fellow traveler or complete stranger goes into anaphylactic shock.

Don’t believe us? Read a review from a loving mother: “This button has added a layer of comfort for me after attaching it to my sonโ€™s epi pen pouch that he wears daily. Now, people can easily identify where his pens are.”- Danielle

Price: $9.59

7. A portable UE Boom 3 Speaker that’s loud enough to really get the party started

These portable speakers are on point. I’ll never travel without one. (I don’t actually own one myself but I always meet people who have them.) I traveled through South America with one of these and we were the life of the party wherever we went. 4-day hike to Machu Picchu? Don’t worry, I got you. Pool party and the music goes out? Don’t worry, I got you. Definitely one of the top Amazon travel products right here.

Don’t believe us? Read the shortest review we could find (the majority would qualify for 5-paragraph high-school essays), from a guy who a tree: “Great Quality. Love the sound. I hang it in a tree at center of deckโ€ฆsounds good all the way around.” – Paul P.

Price: $149.99

8. A portable charger so you can charge your portable speaker and play jams all-day long

It’s only right that you have a portable charger on your trip. I mean, without it, how would you be the life of the party? How’re you going to supply the fiends with the hot music that they need if you can’t even hold your battery, bro? Well here’s 10,00 mAh (wtf that is) that provides about 3 full phone recharges and is one of the smallest products on the market.

Don’t believe us? Read a review from a customer who wants to free you from the wall outlet: “What I love the most about this power bank is how effective it’s been. The power bank itself requires at least 2 hours to charge from empty to full but once charged, your phone will charge to full in less time.” – Patrick A.

Price: $25.99

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